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Community Spotlight : María & Cristian

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María started CrossFit a year ago, encouraged by her husband Cristian, and was drawn to the workouts and community support. For her, CrossFit is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and challenging stereotypes about women in fitness. Cristian's journey began when a CrossFit gym opened near his home by chance. For him, CrossFit offers enjoyment, health, and community camaraderie. Both emphasize ACROSS FITNESS' community as a second family providing support and friendship.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

María : Around 1 year Cristian : Almost 8 years

What made you decide to start?

María : Cristian (my husband) insisted a lot that I start. At first, I wasn’t sure at all, but then I liked it more and more. After breaking my leg, I was very hesitant to do it, but now I love it. Cristian : It was mostly luck. A box opened just below my home and when I saw people training I loved it since the beginning and decided to join.

**What are your fitness goals or objectives?

María : The main thing is a healthy life and removing the ideas that women only do cardio. I love doing weights! Cristian : Enjoy and keep myself healthy.

**What is the most enjoyable thing about doing CrossFit?

María : I think that although the training is good, the community does a lot. You make friends, you share goals, being away from home can be difficult but since we joined we found a new family at across fitness. Cristian : The community, meeting new people and challenging myself.

**What do you love about the ACROSS FITNESS box & community?

María : Beyond the physical benefits, the people from the box has become like a family to me. It’s a very open place where you can meet people from all over, making it even more interesting and enjoyable. Cristian : All the so different people joining together to train and enjoy, and the good friends we have made in the last two and a half years.

**Have you noticed any changes in your daily life since you joined the ACROSS FITNESS box?

María : In addition to gaining more muscle, hahahaha, I’ve noticed significant improvements. After a fracture in my leg, joining ACROSS FITNESS has greatly helped me regain the muscle lost during my two-month recovery. Even though it had been a year since my surgery when I started, the journey to achieve these results was challenging but incredibly rewarding. Cristian : That training in the morning at the 7:15 am classes makes you start the days with lots of energy!

**What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting CrossFit?

María : Don't think twice, it's a mix of community and hard work. There is nothing better than that! Cristian : Don't be afraid and try it! We all started not knowing anything!


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