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Athlete Spotlight Chika

Athlete Spotlight: Chika

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Chika has been doing CrossFit for more than 3 years. She decided to start because she was bored with regular personal training and liked the idea of changing workouts daily, exercising with friends, and losing weight. Her main goal is to continue improving her performance, aiming for good times at RX, and she plans to do CrossFit for at least 20 years. Chika finds joy in achieving things she couldn't do before and values the supportive community in CrossFit. Since starting, she has noticed positive changes in her daily life, including increased energy, improved health check-up results, better posture, and a youthful body shape. Chika encourages anyone considering CrossFit to give it a try regardless of age or exercise experience, as it opens up a new world of possibilities and shared successes with others.



できる限りRXで良いタイムでパフォーマンスを上げ続ける。まずは20年CrossFitを続ける!笑楽しく、ずっと動ける 身体、飲んでも太らない身体をつくりたいです。

クロスフィットをやっていて最も楽しいと思えた事 は?
今までできなかったことができた瞬間です。 そんな自分を褒めたいと思います。 ✌

CrossFit を始めて日常生活で変 化を感じたことはありますか?
階段を登ることに疲れなくなった。健康診断の結果が良くなった。姿勢や年齢による変化にも対抗し、ボディーライン が自然と良くなった。

これから始めようと思っている方 に何かアドバイスをお願いします
CrossFitは年齢や運動経験に限らずにいつからでも始められるスポーツです。みな最初は重いものを持てませんし 動けません。私も最初は腹筋がキツく、懸垂なんてできませんでした。少しずつ挑戦し続けて、大人になって初めて の成功体験を、その空間に一緒にいる仲間と分かち合う経験をぜひ手に入れてください♪


How long have you been doing CrossFit?
More than 3 years

What made you decide to start?
Because I was bored of the same old personal training lol. I'm sure I won't get bored if it changes day by day, I'm attracted by the fact that I can exercise with my friends and not alone, and I want to lose weight.

Do you have any goals or objectives?
Continue to improve my performance with good times at RX as long as I can. First of all, I will continue CrossFit for 20 years! I want to build a body that is fun to laugh in, that can move all the time, and that doesn't gain weight even if I drink.

What is the most enjoyable thing about doing CrossFit?
The moment I was able to do something I couldn't do before. I would like to praise myself for that ✌

Have you noticed any changes in your daily life since you started CrossFit?
I am no longer tired of climbing stairs. The results of my health check-ups have improved. I have a better posture and a natural body shape that counters age-related changes.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting CrossFit?
CrossFit is a sport that can be started at any age, regardless of age or previous exercise experience. We all start out unable to lift heavy weights or move. I started out with tight abs and couldn't do pull-ups. I hope you will keep trying little by little and get the experience of sharing your first successes as an adult with the people you are with in that space.

It will open up a whole new world for you! Come and work up a sweat with us!


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