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CrossFit is still the fastest growing fitness on the planet and we at CrossFit Nishi Azabu are always looking to expand. We need your help to grow the CrossFit market in Japan.

Internship includes:

Learning CrossFit, learning how to work in the CrossFit business, learning how to coach CrossFit and peoples management, group and class management, a profound understanding of the CrossFit fundamentals.

If you are interested make sure to write up your photo attached resume and please send it to us here at the box for review:

CrossFit Nishi Azabu
B1 Castalia Hiroo
Nishi-Azabu 3-13-3
Tokyo, Japan

Required skills:

Fitness experience, free weight lifting experience, preferably group class coaching experience, language Japanese and English (English conversation level)

Preferably: Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting back ground

Castalia Hiroo B1
Nishi Azabu 3-13-3, Minato.ku, Tokyo

TEL 03 6384 5639
Weekdays: 09:00 - 22:00
Weekends: 09:00 - 14:00

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